Thursday, 23 October 2008


Oh well, I thought i would give it a go, I feel like the new girl at school in this venue, but the bonus is if I keep my head down, new readers may think I am a responsible sensible type person (fat chance). So the snails are still bombing along, and I am still off work, with not a snowballs chance in hell of going back now after 20 months on sick leave.

For any new readers i will give a brief potted history. I am 56 years young and originally started this blog as therapy after a stroke in February 2007, I found it a great way at venting my frustrations at beaurocracy, the system and my employers too, but 20 months down the line with insurances and invalidity benefits now having been sorted, life is a lot easier. Things were going well until last December when i was admitted for a minor heart repair, the result of which was a massive heart attack, which set me back again, what with my health and my dear old mums deteriorating health and age, we make the most of the good days and sleep out the bad ones.

I was widowed almost 11 years ago and am i suppose now pretty set in my ways, (I like sole custody of the TV remote) I have a new car, but apart from trips to the local supermarket, have not been well enough to undertake my UK tour to visit old and new friends, and now the colder weather is almost here I dont suppose I will set out now before next spring but I have promised that as soon as i am fit enough, and I have cover for mum then I shall be off.

As you will find out, mum plays an important part in my blogs, she is the most frustrating stubborn woman in the world, but of course I love her dearly, she has a cutting tongue, and plays my 2 brothers and I off against each other constantly, untill we compared notes and caught her out, now we take everything with a shovelful of salt and a wry smile.

I suppose i should save this now to see if I have done it right, if it works then I shall make an effort to blog again, if not ....................................!